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711kelabs.com – The Best Online Live Casino in Malaysia

Why keep wasting your time looking for some online, live casinos in Malaysia? The search has ended. Welcome to 711kelabs! We are a website dedicated to gambling and online casino. Here you will find the best variety of games so you can spend your time playing without any worries. You may be wondering what makes us that special, there is a ton of sites like ours out there, right? Well, we are committed to giving you the best online live casino experience in all of Malaysia. You just need to follow four easy steps: register, deposit, play and win. Very simple. So, relax and take your time, having a good time.

Get the most rewarding freebet in Malaysia with our Promotions!

But not only that! We are the best website when it comes to slot machine games, not to mention if you are looking for some freebet games in Malaysia. We already told you the steps you need to follow to join us. Now we will tell you what do you get in return for trusting us and being part of our community. We offer the best rewarding system in the gambling market. We have several categories for you. We can get our bonuses, rebates, and even birthday’s rewards and happy hours. But let’s get to the point, shall we? Here is the list of all the promotions we have currently active, they are available for all 711kelabs active members:

  • 150% Welcome bonus (918kiss/Mega/4D): Member is required to deposit a minimum MYR 30 in order to get the bonus up to a maximum of MYR 588.

  • 918kiss & Mega888 Special Bonus 10%: Member is required to deposit a minimum MYR30 to claim this promotion. The maximum bonus claim is up to MYR218

  • 5% Deposit Bonus-No 4d: Member is required to deposit a minimum MYR 30 to redeem this bonus and the maximum bonus claimed can be up to MYR 188

  • 15% Daily Bonus-No 918kiss/Mega/4D: Member is required to make a deposit of minimum MYR 30 to redeem this bonus and the maximum bonus can be claimed is up to MYR 388.

  • 30% Daily Bonus-No 918kiss/Mega/4D: Member is required to make a deposit of minimum MYR 30 to redeem this bonus and the maximum bonus can be claimed is up to MYR 688.

  • 0.3% Daily Rebate Slot: 711Kelabs member who plays slot games is entitled to 0.3% rebate on their betting amount.

  • 0.5% Daily Rebate Live Casino: 711Kelabs member who bet in the live casino is entitled to 0.5% rebate on their betting amount.

  • 0.25% Daily Rebate Sportbook: 711Kelabs member betting on sports games can enjoy a 0.25% rebate.

  • Birthday Bonanza Bonus: This birthday present is giving to all registered member who has accumulated a deposit of MYR888 and above in a 711Kelabs game’s account. 711Kelabs will credit MYR118 to the eligible member's game account upon redemption.

The list goes on! This is why we are the #1 online live casino website in Malaysia. We offer the best entertainment with the best rewards! For more information, you can visit our promotion’s website at http://www.711kelabs.com/promotion/.

The trendiest mobile slot machine games in Malaysia

You read it. We have one of the biggest varieties of slot machine games in Malaysia. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, that’s why we have included a cross-platform mechanism on our website. If you visit our page http://www.711kelabs.com/product/slot you will find a very large library of slot machine games. We have associated with several game platforms such as ash Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, Joker, Sky888, Kuma Gaming, IsGames, Evoplay, and Sunbet. Each one of them has a unique interface and game experience. We guarantee that you will never get bored, our mission is to offer the best slot machine experience in Malaysia, and our gallery speaks for us. In this page, on the left, you will have a menu bar with all the game platforms, they will serve as a filter so you can find your favorite games very easily. You won’t waste time looking at which game to play.

On the other hand, we know that you won’t be always available to play in your favorite browser on your computer. Also, we know that sometimes, a browser is not the best way to play online live casino, you probably will agree with us. That’s why our website also offers a download page. In this page, you will find some game modes with a download link. Those links are available for Android, iOS, and Windows. That’s right, now you can play your favorite games on your phone or tablet. Have you found any other mobile slot games website in Malaysia as good as ours? We don’t think so!

Are you a gambler? Play the best live roulette online in Malaysia

What makes an online casino the best? Well, the answer is simple. To give the customers the best experience they can have. Every respected casino has the roulette included among their options to play, and we are not the exception. If you go to our online live casino section, you will also find some options to play live roulette online. We put all this effort to be the best live online roulette experience in Malaysia, as we do in the rest of our game modes.

Last but not least, you can also enjoy our sportbook. For those sport’s lovers, you will find live scores from all the sports disciplines across the world. Follow minute by minute the scores of your favorite teams and start betting! Thank you for trusting us, and spending your time on our website has a blast playing casino live online. If you have any questions or comments, you can always count with our customer support, available 24/7. For more information visit http://www.711kelabs.com/info/contactus.

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